Hodlers Physicals

Dendrites by Moodsoup

‘Dendrites’ is a series of 20 unique designs, meticulously crafted through a generative line intersection algorithm, where organic complexity meets digital precision. Each piece in the collection offers a blend of natural forms and artificial constructs, walking the line between mathematical brutalism and delicate biological patterns.

As a bridge between two worlds, these works will be available both as physical plotted pieces on premium A2-sized paper and as hi-res NFTs.

Claim your plots here.

Dendrites 001
Dendrites 002
Dendrites 003
Dendrites 004
Dendrites 005
Dendrites 006
Dendrites 007
Dendrites 008
Dendrites 009
Dendrites 010
Dendrites 011
Dendrites 012
Dendrites 013
Dendrites 014
Dendrites 015
Dendrites 016
Dendrites 017
Dendrites 018
Dendrites 019
Dendrites 020